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Do you need FAQ explained to you by a real person, if you do you are in the right place? If you are have an issue or need an explanation about T-Mobile services or products we will assist.

Select the live chat link on the right of this screen to chat with a real person to get help with:

  • Why you don’t have service
  • Is your phone locked and how to unlock it
  • How to find out if your device is compatible with your service
  • T-Mobile phone deals
  • How to save money with T-Mobile – Which plan is best for you
  • Help explaining some billing issues
  • Explaining phone features and other services, that needs a caring human touch

Trending question

Q: Why am I having a problem using my phone in a particular area?
A: T-Mobile is unable to guarantee coverage in all locations however there is a coverage map on the website that include street level approximations of the coverage.


If you are unable to pay your T Mobile bill you could be eligible for a payment arrangement.

If you would like to speak to a real person about the above questions or issues – use our live chat service and if we are not able to help we can have a T-Mobile agent call you.


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