Cricket Wireless Live Chat Support

If you are having issues or need explanation with general issues and would like to talk to a real person you are in the right place.

If you have read the FAQs and would like a real person to help you would the issues listed below, feel free to live chat with our support team.

  • What type of phones can work with Cricket Wireless i.e Models Andrios & Iphones

  • If I have Andriod or Iphone purchased from another carrier how can I get it connected with you.

  • What are the best payment options for me to pay my monthly bill

  • Where can I pay my bills that is convenient for me

  • Explain how Cricket’s PayGo my benefits ME

  • Explain to me about which Data package will best meet my need

Speak to our real live chat agent via the link located on the right of the screen to get instance help and advice for the above questions and more.
If live chat is offline you can always call 866-384-4425. Get connected to an agent by pressing 1, then 0 until you are transferred.


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